I’m a creative technologist. Which is just a fancy way of saying I don’t code, but simply work with amazing people to design or find technology solutions to business problems. I’m educated as a computer scientist, trained as a business information technologist, with 10 years experience as a digital marketer. I’m 30 years old, married (sorry ladies), and blessed with two daughters (yes, I own a machete).

I’m presently the Assistant Vice President for Digital & Innovations at Barclays Bank of Kenya. The long title allows me to support the executive team in ushering in a new era of digital banking and marketing for the connected age. My day is filled with buzz words likeĀ Audience planning, Fintech, Social Media, Gamification, Artificial Intelligence, Content Marketing, ChatBots, Mobile, Internet of Things et cetera. It’s mad fun!

I have a history. I ran digital marketing for Kenya Commercial Bank (a.k.a KCB Group) for about 3 years. We did some really cool stuff, like building the World’s first online bank account opening using gmail. We also became Africa’s leading financial brand on social media, but I don’t say. Oh, and I spearheaded the revamp of the Mobile banking App. I think it’s the best banking App in Africa! Some might say I’m biased šŸ™‚

Before KCB, I did a couple of stints in Kenya’s advertising agency circles, working as digital strategist at WPP Scangroup, and my first job at Creative Y&R where I started off as a web programmer (why I stopped coding is a story best told over whiskey), and ended up leading the digital unit, working with some 12 awesome folks. I’ve also had a stab at entrepreneurship, starting a digital innovation lab with some friends at some point, which didn’t really work out as planned. Then I designed a small scale farmer lending model, which became a company called Farm Capital Africa, took me across 4 continents and got my name on Forbes!!

I can say I’ve had a great time career-wise so far. So what next? I’d like to run a full R&D unit for a Pan-African financial institution. If not, then ill settle for the MD of a Fintech. All in stride.