Oh, what to say here. This is my baby, my darling, my induction to adulthood, my raison de Tre. Actually just realized what that last word means, so scratch that. My family is my raison de Tre (wink!).  Farm Capital Africa, we channel capital into small scale agriculture in Africa. There’s a whole bunch of reasons why we chose to go into this business, and you can read more about it on this blog article.

For now, here’s 3 things that excite me about Farm Capital Africa:

  1. Every cent counts – With as little as $100, we enable a small scale farmer to produce over $500 worth of food in 45 days.
  2. We have the best Customers – So far, we are enjoying 100% repayment rate from our funded farmers. Suffice to say we have only given about 50 Loans, but the commitment shown by the farmers in honoring their repayments, and the passion with which they utilize the funds to better their lives is simple inspiring.
  3. It can be as small, or as large as we want it – We are have designed, and continue to improve upon our lending model with key focus being delivering a model that requires minimal Human intervention but reaches the most number of Farmers possible.

So, there you go. In case you want to be part of this Journey, here’s our current gaps:

  • Funding – Yes, we need money to lend to the Farmers. We are open to Joint Ventures, Equity Capital and affordable debt capital.
  • Technology – My vision is to eventually have a tech-first funding model, with minimal to no human intervention. We are open to partnerships with technologists who share our Vision of “an Africa where Small Scale Farming isn’t synonymous to Poverty”

Feel free to drop us a line at info@farmcapitalafrica.com, even if just to say hi!