In 2017, I will be celebrating 10 years of having worked in and done my part in influencing the proliferation of digital as a Marketing channel in Kenya. This work has seen me traverse the continent, build over 70 websites, manage tens of social media pages, win several local & international Marketing awards, and grow brands that ranged from start-ups to billion dollar organizations. It has been a fulfilling career. To this end I have also written for numerous publications on all things digital marketing and innovation. It was thus a pleasant surprise when iAfrikan,a pan african online publication alerted me that they had collated six of my articles into a series on Marketing, Start-ups and Gadgets.

Below is the list of articles which I believe will do wonders for you business if you apply the tactics & insights shared appropriately:

  1. How To Increase Your Startup’s E-Commerce Revenue
  2. 4 Low Cost Tactics That Will Turn Your Business Around
  3. How Your Startup Can Re-Claim Customer Loyalty In The Digital Age
  4. Mobile Advertising Is A Waste of Money, Do This Instead
  5. Why Are Kenyans Not Downloading Apps Made In Kenya?
  6. The Customer Is The Real Benchmark, Not The Competition

Did they help? Please let me know in the comments.